To make changes to your BuzzSumo team, click the icon in the top right corner of any screen and select the Team option.

Adding a new team member

To add a new member to your team, enter the email address of the person you would like to invite in the email form near the top of the Team page.

You may choose to give your invitee "Full" or "Restricted" access. We normally recommend "Restricted" permissions for anyone who should not have access to your account billing information.

Instruct your team member to look for an email from BuzzSumo (subject: BuzzSumo Invite From...) that contains a link to accept his or her invite.

After clicking on the link, the new team member will either:

  • be automatically added to your team (if he or she has previously created a BuzzSumo login), OR
  • be prompted to register their email address

Removing a team member

Click on the red "Remove User" next to the team member you no longer want to have access to your account. 

Click "OK" on the confirmation prompt. 

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