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Team management & access levels

How to make changes to your team in BuzzSumo, including inviting new users and removing old ones.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

To make changes to your BuzzSumo team, click your user name in the top right corner of any screen and then click, Settings.

Adding a new team member

From the Settings page, select the "Team" tab. 

To add a new member to your team, click the "Invite A User" button at the top of your team list. 

Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite in the form that appears. You can choose to set your teammate's access level as "Regular" (can't view Billing or manage team members) or "Admin" (can manage the full account including billing and team). 

Instruct your team member to look for an email from BuzzSumo (and be sure to check Spam filters just in case!) that contains a link to accept his or her invite. 

Removing a team member

To remove a team member from your account, click on the "Delete" icon next to the team member you no longer want to have access to your account. 

If you experience any issues in managing your team, please contact us.

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