BuzzSumo's Facebook Content feature crawls posts from public Facebook pages using Facebook's Pages API.

There are a few potential reasons why you may not see results from a page.

Page has not yet been indexed

If a page is new, hasn't posted frequently, or drive little to no engagement (see below), BuzzSumo may not yet have the page in our index.

But don't worry - you just indexed it! Simply searching for a page by name will trigger our crawlers to find and index it if we don't already have it. We will also backfill the past 30 posts for the page, provided they have been published within the past two years.

Lack of engagement and/or infrequent, inconsistent posting

BuzzSumo prioritizes engagement and frequency in crawling pages. If you cannot find the page you are attempting to analyze or there are posts missing in the results, this may be the cause.

If the page is already in our index and you suspect posts are missing, please reach out to us. We may be able to force a recrawl of the page.

Attempting to analyze a private page, group, or personal profile

Per Facebook privacy restrictions, we cannot gather or provide information for personal profiles or private pages. Additionally, Facebook Groups do not fall under the Pages API and are currently not offered by BuzzSumo.

Posts are outside of our historical coverage

BuzzSumo currently holds up to two years' of historical page data. If the posts you are looking for are older than two years or the Page has not been active over that time, you won't see any results.

Page has been removed from Facebook

If a page has been taken down (either by the Page Owner or by Facebook), BuzzSumo will no longer have access to this data once we recrawl the page.

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