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Does BuzzSumo comply with GDPR?
Does BuzzSumo comply with GDPR?

The EU adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) on 25 May 2018. Here is how BuzzSumo is complying with the new regulations.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

Does GDPR affect BuzzSumo?

GDPR puts in place new standards for anyone holding or processing the data of EU citizens. Most services process data in some way, and BuzzSumo is no exception.

Does BuzzSumo comply with GDPR?


Is BuzzSumo a data controller?

BuzzSumo is a data controller in respect of the user data that it collects as part of its services. BuzzSumo processes that user data in accordance with its GDPR compliant privacy statement, which can be found on our privacy policy page. BuzzSumo is also a data controller in respect of the personal data about social media authors it collects, such as the names of authors, influencers, etc.

Is BuzzSumo a data processor?

No - BuzzSumo is not a data processor for any of its clients.

Does BuzzSumo have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that I can sign?

BuzzSumo does not collect or process any personal data on behalf of its users, and therefore does not need to sign a DPA. You can read more about our efforts in our Group Data Privacy FAQ, which covers BuzzSumo and our parent company, Brandwatch.

Is BuzzSumo Privacy Shield Certified?

BuzzSumo does not export any EU resident personal data to the US, so does not require Privacy Shield certification.

I still have questions. Who should I speak to to get more information?

Please submit your questions to our Support team. We will review them with our legal counsel and get back to you as soon as possible.

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