How to find User Generated Content

A step by step guide for finding User Generated Content in less time with BuzzSumo's brand alerts

Written by Evan Ahlers
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User generated content can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy. But it takes time to find customers who want to write about you, and seeing their writing through to publication is also time consuming. 

BuzzSumo's alerts simplify the process by uncovering your brand mentions as they come online!

What is User Generated Content? 

User Generated Content (UGC) refers to blog posts, social posts and videos created by customers or others who interact with your brand, product or service. UGC is published outside of your own brand channels.

How to Find User Generated Content With BuzzSumo Brand Alerts

Step One: Set up a brand alert

To find User Generated Content, set up a brand alert. Our platform will notify you immediately when your brand is  mentioned in someone else’s content. 

All mentions include:

A snippet of text surrounding the mention

The domain authority of the site that mentions you

A link/no link indicator

Take a quick look at the snippet to verify that the mention is positive and determine it’s context.  Mentions at high domain authority sites are especially valuable, as are mentions that include a backlink to your domain. 

You can share mentions directly from the platform to your social networks or pull them into Buffer or Hootsuite for social scheduling.

Step Two: Develop a profile of the mentions you’d like to share.

Begin by thinking about the types of mentions that will have the most marketing value. Create a list of the requirements, so that you can easily choose the best User Generated Content.

Here's an example of the mentions we look for at BuzzSumo:

  1. The mention is positive.

  2. The mention is from a site with a domain authority equal to or higher than yours.

  3. The mention focuses primarily on the benefits of your product or service, without over emphasizing competing products. 

  4. The mention includes a backlink to your site. 

For example: 

Both of these articles mention BuzzSumo, and both come from high domain authority sites: 

But, the Marketing Profs article includes a backlink to our domain. 

The Marketing Profs blog post is a better choice for UGC.

Advanced strategies

Once you have a little practice quickly finding and sharing User Generated Content from BuzzSumo with our basic profile tips, consider these more advanced ideas. 

Expand your marketing into other languages:

When BuzzSumo finds a mention in a language different than what you usually use in your marketing, let Google provide a quick translation of the post to determine if it’s positive or negative. Then share to Facebook using the network’s free language targeting. 

Grow your audience on social media.

When a company mentions you in their content, find and follow them on your social networks. Thank and tag them in the post when you share the mention. 

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