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Introducing Journalist Profiles
Introducing Journalist Profiles
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What are BuzzSumo Journalist Profiles?

BuzzSumo’s new journalist tool gives you detailed information on the authors behind the publications in BuzzSumo’s database of 8bn articles.

Journalist Profiles reveal journalist interests, emails and the publications they write for, in a single click.

This information can help you filter out the noise of bloggers, zone in on journalists and overhaul your outreach strategy with highly personalized pitches.

Journalist Profiles will show you the journalist’s:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Twitter handle

  • Followers

  • Email (if available)

  • Twitter bio

  • Top shared articles (linked)

  • Top publishers they’ve written for (linked)

  • A feed of their recent tweets

  • The topics they most commonly cover

and more…

For ideas on how to get the most out of these features, head to our blog on 5 things you can do with BuzzSumo Journalist Profiles.

For more FAQs on Journalist Profiles, read on...

How do you find BuzzSumo Journalist Profiles?

Information comes in the form of a side panel...

This appears when you click the journalist icons visible throughout the platform...

This new update can be found in the following areas across the platform:

Content Analyzer

Simply click the journalist icons that appear in this part of the platform to view profiles.

You can also filter content by journalists here, to focus on the articles written by key journalists.

Twitter Influencers

Once again, you can click on a journalist icon to view a profile here, or apply a filter to focus only on those influencers with Journalist Profiles, by clicking the journalists filter at the top of the table.


In this section, you can get information on the journalists mentioning a brand, competitor, keyword, content or backlink of your choice. Just click on the icon in your list of mentions.


Make use of our curated trend feeds, our set up you own, to discover articles that have been trending over the last hour – 24 hours.

Clicking a journalist icon here will show you the profile of those writers that cover important, viral and breaking news.

How do you save information from Journalist Profiles?

If you want to refer back to any journalists of interest for research or outreach purposes, you can add them to a Project.

Then simply type in the project you want to save your journalists to, and click. Easy.

You’ll then be able to find these journalists in Projects under the Journalists tab.

How do you export journalist information from the journalist tool?

Once you've saved a journalist to a Project, head over to the Projects part of the platform again, and hit the Journalists tab.

Then select the journalists you want on file, and export them.

Exports are only available on paid plans, so 30-day free trial users will unfortunately be unable to export this information.

In your export you will receive the following information:

  • twitter_screen_name

  • page_authority

  • domain_authority

  • estimated_num_followers

  • retweet_ratio

  • reply_ratio

  • avg_retweets

  • estimated_num_following

  • instagram_authority

  • pagerank

  • instagram_username

  • image

  • location

  • display_bio

  • pretty_url

  • name

  • username

  • verified

  • twitter_id_str

  • url

  • url_share_ratio

  • person_type

  • alexa_rank

  • average_facebook_shares

  • publications

  • stats_updated_at

  • created_at

  • updated_at

  • email_address

  • email_predicted

How many journalists are in the Journalist Profiles database?

Journalist Profiles cover 50% of journalists across the world.

What is Domain Authority and why is it included in Journalist Profile exports?

Domain authority is a Moz owned calculation.

We use it to signify the amount of backlinks a journalist has been able to generate with their content.

We provide this data to give you an understanding of the backlinks you could aim to generate when working with this journalist.

What’s next?

We are still working on this tool, and have more updates to come – so keep your eyes peeled.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know how you’re using Journalist Profiles by clicking on the feedback link in the app or reaching out to us via Intercom with your thoughts.

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