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What is the date range for the Content Ideas Generator?
What is the date range for the Content Ideas Generator?

Find out how to choose the right date range for your content ideas

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You can view both evergreen and trending ideas in the Content Ideas Generator, meaning you can analyze data from a single week, all the way up to five years!

When you first land in the Content Ideas Generator, you'll be shown the "Trending Now" view, which will give you content ideas that have been popular over the last week.

To change this, simply hit the date range dropdown, and select a longer timeframe.

Changing the timeframe in the Content Ideas Generator using the date range filter

Evergreen date range

Your evergreen timeframe will depend on the plan you are on. For example, if you are currently using a free trial you will get data for a year, whereas if you are on an a Suite or Enterprise plan, you will be able to see up to five years’ worth of data.

Free trial → 1 year of evergreen data

Content Creation plan → 2 years of evergreen data

PR & Comms plan → 3 years of evergreen data

Suite plan → 5 years of evergreen data

Enterprise plan → 5 years of evergreen data

Trending date range

The Content Ideas Generator helps you find recently trending content, with the trending score.

Usually our score measures the speed of social shares within a 24 hour period, but in the Content Ideas Generator, you can see what’s been trending over an entire week.

The only two sections that will not present data for the week in the Content Ideas Generator, are:

  • Popular keywords this month

  • Explore top ranking content for "SEO" in Google

This is because search data is only ever collected on a monthly basis.

Let us know via live chat if you have any other questions related to the date ranges featured in the Content Ideas Generator, and we'll make sure we update this article with the answers.

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Or if you've yet to start using it, sign up for a 30-day free trial and start generating your own ideas.

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