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How To Use BuzzSumo Media Directory And List Tools
How To Use BuzzSumo Media Directory And List Tools

Find out some quick and easy ways to use BuzzSumo Media Database and Media Lists

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Here are a few tips and examples of how you can use the Media Database and Media Lists tools in BuzzSumo.

Watch the video below for a snappy explainer, and dive into the article for more ideas:

To find out more about our AI Pitching and Outreach tools read our full guide here.

Media Database

  • Find journalists who create content that closely aligns with your campaign topic – eg. “Artificial Intelligence”

  • Dive deeper: Filter by the most active journalists writing content right now, for a specific beat, at a specific publication.

  • Search the journalists who are promoting your brand, clients, or competitors, to find “warm leads”. Research their interests to inform future pitching.

  • Find specific kinds of journalists: Search the title in their biography (eg. “host”, “anchor”, “data journalist” etc.)

  • Personalize to the nth degree: Get a 360 degree understanding of a journalist, from what makes them tick, to what gives them the ick. Follow them on different social platforms…

Set up alerts for their latest content…

And research the topics they care about…

Then form a genuine opinion on their ideas, and highlight a shared interest so that your subject lines and emails cut through the noise in their inbox.

Media Lists

Create your list

Once you’ve found your journalist(s), hit “Save to Media List”

Then create a new list or add to one you prepared earlier…

You can revisit this list any time you want to find out more about your key journalists.

Prioritize your list

Hit the “All Articles From This Media List” button to view the content of all of the journalists in your list.

Then set about working out which ones are worth prioritizing.

Sort their content by total engagement to see which one drives the most traction.

You might also want to discover the most active writers by publish date, so that you have a better idea of those who are likely to be open to pitching right now.

Maybe you want to know which journalist drives the most consistently high engagement over time? If so, just sort by Evergreen Score.

Now you know the key journalists you should be pitching to.

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