Wednesday 26th September 

Introducing ‘Sort by Number of Links’ in the Content Analyzer

The BuzzSumo index contains around 5.5 billion posts, and monitors social engagements for each of them. But backlinks are important too. Previously, we used Majestic for the Number of Links column. 

Now, we track all our own backlink data directly in BuzzSumo.

This means that, just like sorting by engagements, you can now sort by Number of Links to find the content that has attracted the most backlinks. 

Learn more about why backlinks are important here, or try it out in our Content Analyzer.


Wednesday, 8th August 2018

Introducing Content Analyzer

We've improved BuzzSumo's Content Analysis feature and merged it with Most Shared - to create a new area within Content Research: Content Analyzer. 

Most Shared is still available via the 'Search' tab. However now, you can quickly access in-depth analysis of your entered term or domain by switching over to the Analysis tab:

Easily add up to 10 topics or domains to compare, by using the new 'Add Comparison' box.

Navigation Changes

To facilitate the new 'Content Analyzer', and to make things simpler, we've also made a few changes to our navigation. 

  • As above, Most Shared has been renamed to Content Analyzer 
  • Content Analysis has been upgraded, and moved to the Analysis tab within the new Content Analyzer
  • Domain Comparison is now a part of Content Analyzer. It's own tab has been removed, as domain and topic comparison are built in to the new Analysis tab.
  • Projects have been moved over to the top right-hand of the screen, near your avatar and account management options. 
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