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Written by Evan Ahlers
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BuzzSumo’s Trending Now section identifies and categorizes the day’s most viral posts. Everything displayed in Trending Now is recent--published in the past 24-hours. And, it is being shared very quickly. 

Use Trending Now to:

  • Follow industry news

  • Identify opportunities to add your unique point of view to breaking news in your industry

  • Find competitor content that performs well

  • Curate social posts

To get started, visit the Discover tab, then choose, Trending Feeds. 

Trending content is divided into feeds. Some feeds, including News, Sports, Entertainment, and Marketing, come pre-built in BuzzSumo. 

They are listed on the left hand side of the Trending dashboard, and they each have a pictographic icon beside the name of the feed. 

Content that appears in Trending is ranked by default with the articles that are being shared fastest, from left to right. 

Each listing includes a Trending Score, which indicates how fast the content is being shared. The Trending Score is a proprietary calculation based on social shares over time. 

Zero (0) is the lowest score. There is no fixed end point. Higher scores mean that content is being shared more quickly than lower scores.

The listing also indicates the number of shares the content has received across each social network. 

In addition to the pre-built feeds, you can also create custom feeds for topics, domains, or countries that interest you (or combination of those three).

The number of custom feeds that your team can create to is listed as a quota beside Custom Feeds heading and is tied to your subscription level.

To add a trending feed, select “create feed”. You will be prompted to name your feed, as well as set the search criteria and filters.

Once you've created any custom trending feeds, they are listed in alphabetical order below the pre-built feeds.

Content can be saved from Trending to a project. To save an article to a project, click the "Save To Project" button and choose the project where the content will be shared. 

Feeds can be shared on social or emailed with a shortened link. 

To share a feed, select “Share ”

Use the custom link, or select the network where you would like to share the feed.

Anyone with the link will be able to see the latest posts in the feed, whether or not they have a BuzzSumo subscription. 

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