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How to Use Projects
How to Use Projects

Projects is a multi-use workspace for tracking and saving articles, influencers, mentions, and questions.

Written by Evan Ahlers
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A single content campaign requires input from multiple sources - competitor analysis, topic research, influencer identification, keyword ideas, and more.ย 

Our Projects feature makes it easy to collect these resources together. Projects can be used to:

  • Track and report on your content performance

  • Store articles and posts to help generate ideas

  • Build curated content lists for social posting

  • Identify the right influencers for your campaigns

  • Manage brand mentions and link-building opportunities

This guide will explain how to create and add content to Projects.

Click below to watch a short introductory video.

Creating a Project

Click on the "Add Project" button in the top left corner of the screen.

Name your Project and choose whether you want to make it private or accessible to the rest of your Team.

Adding content to a Project

There are three ways to add content to a Project in BuzzSumo.

Method #1 - Utilizing the save feature

Next to every search result across the platform is a "Save" button. Hover over the icon and select the Project where you want to store the result.

If you don't have a Project yet or want to add the result to a new Project, you can create one now.

Method #2 - Bulk upload URLs

Upload a list of existing URLs by clicking on the "Upload Article URLs" button.

Paste in the URLs one line at a time and BuzzSumo will add them to your Project. If an article has already been indexed in our database, it will appear immediately. If not, BuzzSumo will crawl and add it shortly.

Method #3 - Using BuzzSumo's Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo's Chrome Extension allows you to quickly save any article you find while browsing the web.

Click on the Extension and select the Project you want. The article will automatically appear in your Project the next time you log in to BuzzSumo.

Note: You must have an existing Project to save from the Chrome Extension.

Exporting content from a Project

Each tab in Projects can be exported to CSV or Excel for further analysis.

Select the tab you want to export. Click on the Export button to download a CSV to your computer.

There are a few "hidden gems" within Projects that can also be exported.

  • In "Articles," you can also export the top sharers of articles and the top backlinks those articles have received

  • In "Influencers," you can also export any articles your influencers have recently published


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