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Backlinks: Sorting, Filtering, and Exporting
Backlinks: Sorting, Filtering, and Exporting
Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

With BuzzSumo's Backlinks tool, you can sort and filter results to analyze new backlinks as well as sort by social network to quickly see where your URL received the most shares. Export the results to run further analyses.

Filter by date

One of the useful things you can do in BuzzSumo is filter backlink results by time period. Search for the backlinks gained by a domain in the last month and analyze them. Has there been an influx of backlinks to your site because of a recently published article? Or is your competitor gaining loads of links from a particular brand or influencer?

Sort by top shares per network

By default, backlink results are sorted by total shares. You can also choose to sort by network.

Export your results

You can export all of your backlink results from BuzzSumo for further analysis. The exported data provides details such as the published date and the format.

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