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How do I find results in other languages?
How do I find results in other languages?

BuzzSumo indexes content from hundreds of thousands of global sources. Here's how to find results in your language.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

There are three main ways to find content published in languages other than English. 

  • Using the search bar

  • Using the language filter

  • Using the top-level domain (TLD) filter

Ultimately, the best approach is to test all three methods to see what works best for you but here's a quick recap of how to conduct each version.

Using the search bar

BuzzSumo accepts all languages within our search fields. For example, entering the French term, commercialisation, which can be used for marketing, we return French results.

However, many English phrases remain the same, even when searching in foreign languages. In these instances, use filters.

Using the language filter

Enter you search terms as normal and select a language from the dropdown in the sidebar. For example, searching for big data but setting the language filter to German yields German results that use the English words.

Use the top-level domain (TLD) filter

Using a country filter often displays very similar results to a language filter. However, you will notice when running the same search we did above for big data, using TLD instead of a language filter focuses only on German websites (.de). 

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