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Email notifications, Slack integration & RSS address
Email notifications, Slack integration & RSS address
Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago


Set up email alerts to be notified when new articles hit your Monitoring Dashboard!

Realtime: get an email in your inbox as soon as a new article fits your alert criteria
โ€‹Daily digest: receive a roundup email at a certain time each day

You can add several emails (255 character limit); separate them with a comma.

To stop email notifications, select 'no email alerts' or remove the email addresses manually from the email field.


Use our RSS feature to send new articles to your favorite social media management tool (Hootsuite, Buffer), RSS reader (Feedly) or IFTTT.

Find the RSS address within the Options menu, grab your link, and import it into a reader.


Connect your Slack account to BuzzSumo in order to receive real-time updates for new mentions.

Edit the alert

Check the box to 'Add to Slack' and then hit 'Save Changes'

You'll be redirected to Slack and asked to pick the channel you wish to connect.

After connecting, new mentions will automatically appear in the channel. You can disconnect the Slack channel at any time from the alert dashboard in BuzzSumo.

Only one Slack channel can be connected to an Alert. We recommend you setup a new Slack channel for BuzzSumo mentions and invite whoever necessary in Slack.

Migrating from RSS feeds
If you were previously using the Alert RSS feed to deliver mentions into Slack, we recommend you disconnect that and setup the direct Slack integration instead. Mentions will appear sooner with more information.

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