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How do I delete my BuzzSumo account?
How do I delete my BuzzSumo account?

Information on how to remove your details from BuzzSumo.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

BuzzSumo makes every effort to comply with all existing data privacy regulations as defined under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR"). You can read more about our efforts here.

Paying or previously-paying users

If you have an active paid subscription or have had an active paid subscription in the past, we are required to retain certain records for financial reporting and compliance reasons.

You can read more about the data we hold and how it is retained in our privacy policy.

To exercise any legal rights you have under applicable data privacy law, please email us at or write to us at:

Sovereign House
Church Street, 1st Floor
Brighton, BN1 1UJ
United Kingdom

Free users

If you are using any of our free services and have never had a paid subscription to BuzzSumo, you may request deletion of your account at any time by visiting your Account Settings here.

Trial users

If you are on a free trial and would like to delete your account, please send a message to our Support team for assistance.*

*Please note - submitting this request will also result in the cancellation of your trial.

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