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How to Use the Topic Explorer
How to Use the Topic Explorer

Generate ideas, search related keywords, and get insights into your audience's interests with our new Topic Explorer.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

What is the Topic Explorer?

The Topic Explorer is a search tool for finding related topics and important questions for any subject area. 

Whether you are testing an existing set of topics or brainstorming new ones, it can expand your thinking, helping you uncover new ways to build great content that connects with your audience’s interests.

Popular Use Cases

In this explainer, we’ll show how you can use the Topic Explorer to:

  • Generate ideas for blog posts, newsletters, white papers, ebooks, and other supporting content

  • Identify long-tail keyword opportunities

  • Build a content hub or pillar page

  • Find new topic areas to curate social content

Getting Started with the Topic Explorer

Enter the topic you are researching into the search field and click the blue search icon.

We will then display a word cloud and a series of related topics, sorted by relevancy.

Each related topic provides sample content, including:

  • Popular articles that were previously written about this topic

  • Related keywords people are searching for in Google

Use the options in the ... menu to start a new search in BuzzSumo.

Gathering Content Ideas

If you’d like to see more sample content and questions, click on "Insights & Content Ideas.” 

You’ll see an engagement graph and tabs that contain an expanded list of relevant articles, questions, and keywords.

(Pro Tip: Use this information to design “best answer” titles for your content pieces or identify article formats that are more likely to perform well. )

Discovering Long-tail Keyword Opportunities

Related topics also include suggested keywords based on search behavior. Use this information to uncover long-tail keywords your audience may be searching for. 

Analyzing the Data

Once you have a topic or topics in hand, you can dig further into the data sets. 

Next to each topic is a dropdown menu. Clicking on this will enable you to start a new search for your topic in a different section of BuzzSumo.

For more insights into best practices and research strategies, check out our guide on How to Conduct Content Research

At any time, click "Run a New Topic Search" to replace your initial topic and keep the brainstorm session going.

Happy exploring!

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