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Topic Explorer FAQ

Answers to common questions about the Topic Explorer.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

How are the results organized?

Related topics are sorted by relevance to the initial search.

Where does the related keyword data come from?

Related keywords are sourced directly from Google search.

Can I use advanced search operators? Which ones?

Yes. The Topic Explorer accepts common advanced search operators.

  • use OR to search for multiple topics at the same time

  • use a minus sign (-) to remove a term from your search

  • use exact match quotes (" ") to find exact matches for phrases

You may also combine these advanced operators in a single search. 

BuzzSumo also assumes AND in any search and does not require you to enter it (e.g. a search for content marketing is the same as a search for content AND marketing). 

Check out our guide on search design in BuzzSumo for more information. 

What is the time frame for results? 

BuzzSumo pulls in relevant topics by querying on our entire historical database (5+ years). 

Are searches case sensitive?


Can I save my search or export the related topic data?

You aren't able to save topic searches or export the results of a Topic Explorer search at this time, though it is something we are exploring for the future.

Why can't I view more results in the Question Analyzer?

The Question Analyzer is currently available on our Content Creation, Suite, and Enterprise plans. If you can't access this feature but would like to test it out, please reach out to our Support team.

For further details on the features offered in each plan, check out the BuzzSumo pricing page.

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