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What is BuzzSumo?
How much data does BuzzSumo track?
How much data does BuzzSumo track?
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With 8 billion pieces of content and 300 trillion engagements, BuzzSumo provides the world's largest index of social engagement data.

Scanning millions of new articles and social posts every day, the platform brings you the most popular content in any niche, to help you harvest meaningful insights.

Want to know more about BuzzSumo's data? Read on...

How many countries does BuzzSumo track?

BuzzSumo tracks:

  • 195 countries (ie. the whole world!) across the following tools:

    • Content Analyzer

    • Trending Tool

    • Twitter Influencers

    • Facebook Pages

    • YouTube Influencers

    • BuzzSumo Monitoring

The only exception to this is the Keyword Tool, which tracks 73 countries.

  • 248 TLDs across the following tools:

    • Author Tool

    • Question Analyzer

How many languages does BuzzSumo Content Analyzer track?

BuzzSumo's Content Analyzer tracks 170+ languages.

The BuzzSumo web interface is only offered in English at this time. We would recommend using an on-page translator, such as Google Translate, to present the interface in your chosen language.

Number of content sources tracked

BuzzSumo tracks 8 billion pieces of content in its index.

  • An index of 8B+ posts

  • 3T+ engagements

  • 3M+ pieces of content indexed every day

  • 297M influencers

  • 700K+ journalists

Different "Content types" tracked

Although BuzzSumo Content Analyzer primarily tracks written content, it also supports the analysis of a variety of content types, in relation to social media engagement.

For example, in BuzzSumo’s Content Analysis Report, you can explore average engagement across:

  • Videos

  • Newsletters

  • Podcasts

  • Press releases

  • Interviews

  • Infographics

This data is classified based on the words in the headline of the content, and the elements featured on the page (ie. videos, graphics etc.).

The metrics we track in relation to average engagement includes:

  • Facebook likes

  • Facebook shares

  • Facebook comments

  • Twitter shares

  • Pinterest pins

  • Reddit upvotes

BuzzSumo also tracks video content via the YouTube Analyzer, providing data on:

  • Video length

  • Channel subscribers

  • Channel views

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