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Introducing BuzzSumo Facebook Tools
Introducing BuzzSumo Facebook Tools

Find out all there is to know about BuzzSumo's Facebook page tools.

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What are BuzzSumo’s Facebook tools?

Facebook Pages and the Facebook Page Analyzer allow you to both discover and analyze Facebook pages in relation to content engagement.

Both tools are available on:

  • BuzzSumo’s free 30-day trial

  • Suite plan

  • Enterprise plan

What is BuzzSumo’s Facebook Page Analyzer?

With the Facebook Page Analyzer, you can compare and benchmark up to 10 different Facebook pages at any one time.

You just need to enter the name of the Facebook pages you would like to compare, and in seconds you can reveal a variety of metrics, including the number of posts published and engagements received over time, for different Facebook pages.

Metrics available include:

  • Number of posts

  • Overall engagements

  • Average engagements

  • Posts and engagements over time

  • Average engagement by day published

  • Average engagement by time published

  • Average engagement per post type

  • Average engagement per character range

  • Facebook reactions

This information can be used to improve the performance of Facebook campaigns, benchmark against competitors, create easy performance reports for managers or clients, or investigate industry trends on Facebook.

You will need to connect your Facebook account to access these tools.

What is BuzzSumo’s Facebook Pages tool?

The new Facebook Pages tool allows you to use a simple keyword search to identify relevant Facebook pages; whether that’s competitors or influencers.

You can then analyze the performance of a singular page, or select up to 10 at a time to analyze as a group in the Facebook Page Analyzer.

You can also save your selected Facebook pages into Projects, for easy reference.

Although BuzzSumo does not provide contact information for Facebook pages, they are linked to within the app so you can easily find them and potentially contact them via Facebook messenger or other means if they would like to connect for an influencer campaign.

How to find pages in the Facebook Page Analyzer

The Facebook Page Analyzer allows you to search the name of the page you want to explore.

Simply type in the name and select from the dropdown.

If you don’t know the name of the page you’re looking for, you can use Facebook Pages for discovery.

Is the Facebook Page Analyzer the same as BuzzSumo’s old Facebook tool?

Up until 2020, BuzzSumo had two tools which helped users to analyze the performance of content on Facebook: Facebook Analyzer and Facebook Influencers.

Due to a change in Facebook’s T&Cs, these tools had to be deprecated in August 2020.

(NB: Facebook data elsewhere in the platform wasn’t affected.)

BuzzSumo’s new Facebook tools, the Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Pages, are built around page-level analysis of Facebook content.

This means that you can explore audience engagement trends at an aggregate level, pertaining to the content of up to 10 Facebook pages.

You can’t, however, view and dissect the engagement (ie. shares, comments, and likes) of specific Facebook content.

What are the benefits of using BuzzSumo’s Facebook tools?

For more information on the advantages of the Facebook Page Analyzer and Facebook Pages – plus 7 easy ways to use the tools – read our blog:

Does the Facebook Page Analyzer provide historical data?

The Facebook Page Analyzer enables you to analyze up to two years of data, but you can also choose preset and custom date ranges within that time period.

Is the Facebook Page Analyzer data exportable?

All of the data in the Facebook Page Analyzer is exportable in image formats (PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF) or in CSV.

Facebook Pages are not currently available for export.

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