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What is the date range for the BuzzSumo Brief Generator?
What is the date range for the BuzzSumo Brief Generator?

Find out what date range your brief is based on

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The content engagement data in BuzzSumo’s Brief Generator corresponds to the date range that you set in your Content Ideas Generator search (read more on how to build a search here).

Depending on your plan limits, you will either have a maximum of one, two, or five years’ worth of historical data.

There are four different date ranges behind the Brief Generator:

  • Trending Now: Plus, Large, and Enterprise access

  • 1 year: Plus, Large, and Enterprise access

  • 2 years: Only Large and Enterprise access

  • 5 years: Only Enterprise access

Generate a reactive brief

If you select “Trending now”, you will generate a brief around trending content. Perfect for building reactivity into your strategy!

Generate an evergreen brief

BuzzSumo’s Brief Generator can also give you historical engagement insight, so you can take pointers from evergreen content that is still going strong today.

Parts of your content brief that change based on date

This week’s top 3 trending articles

This part of the Brief Generator is populated by the week’s top trending articles. “Trending” here is based on BuzzSumo’s Trending Score.

This section will only generate if you have selected a “Trending Now” date range.

Inspiring top-shared/linked articles

This part of your brief highlights top content published throughout the date range you have selected.

The only difference here is, when you select a “Trending Now” date range, you will see the most engaging content over the last two months.

And here are all the other Brief Generator features that update, based on the engagement of content published throughout your chosen date range:

  • Format

  • Word count

  • Network

  • Day

  • Topics

Not yet tried the Brief Generator? Generate an example brief in your free 30-day trial or get full access via Plus, Large, and Enterprise plans.

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