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How do you use BuzzSumo’s old Chrome Extension?
How do you use BuzzSumo’s old Chrome Extension?
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You may be familiar with BuzzSumo’s V1 Chrome Extension. It looks like this…

A screenshot of BuzzSumo's V1 Chrome Extension

If you’d like to try it out, just follow these simple steps…

Install the BuzzSumo SEO Chrome Extension

  • Install the extension from the Chrome Extension store

  • Make sure that you are registered with BuzzSumo and logged in

  • On any article you’re viewing just click the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension logo

  • That’s it - immediate analysis at your fingertips!

  • If you sign up for a trial you’ll get 30-days of searching completely free.

Bear in mind that we will not be developing old versions of the Chrome Extension any further.

For the latest data and more granular insights, check out our latest version of the Chrome Extension.

How does the V1 extension differ from the V2 one?

With BuzzSumo’s old Chrome Extension, you can analyze blogs as you browse, and see links and shares across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You can also dive into the app to view sharers, backlinks, and authors for further analysis.

With the V2 extension, you can do all that plus a ton more.

In fact, our V1 Chrome Extension gives you just 15 data points and metrics, while our V2 extension gives you 40+.

You’ll also have the ability to analyze data across five extra platforms, including:

  • Instagram

  • SERPs

  • Facebook

You can read more about BuzzSumo's V2 Chrome Extension here.

How do you use BuzzSumo’s old Chrome Extension?

We created the BuzzSumo marketing and SEO chrome extension back in 2015, just around the time that Twitter started hiding its share data.

It's a nifty plugin that gives you access to content performance insight as you browse, so you can research on the go.


  • Twitter shares

  • Facebook engagements

  • Pinterest pins

  • Reddit engagements

  • Total Engagements

  • Evergreen Score

  • Number of Links

  • Sharers

  • Backlinks

  • Content by Author

  • Most Shared Content

  • Website analysis

You can also dive deeper into the data by jumping into the platform, or even bank your favorite articles by saving to a project.

A screenshot of BuzzSumo's Chrome Extension, highlighting the "Save article to project" feature

This extension is great for investigating top-ranking SERP content, and dissecting the content strategies of your competitors.

Use it as part of a 10x skyscraper strategy, to find and build upon content that performs best in three key areas; links, shares, and rankings.

The BuzzSumo extension is a firm favorite of marketers and PRs, and has been downloaded 20,000+ times.

Here are some quick walk-throughs of the different ways you can use BuzzSumo’s V1 Chrome Extension:

A gif walkthrough of BuzzSumo's Old V1 Chrome Extension
A gif walkthrough of BuzzSumo's Old Chrome Extension, showing users how to analyze the domains of content in the Content Analysis Report

If you have any other questions about BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension, just reach out to us via our in-app chat.

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