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What Are BuzzSumo’s Media Outreach Tools?
What Are BuzzSumo’s Media Outreach Tools?

Find out a bit more about BuzzSumo's Media Database and Media Lists

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We’ve centralized our journalist insights and contacts into two easy-to-use tools:

  • Media Database

  • Media Lists

Media Database

Our Media Database consists of 160K human-verified journalists (and counting!)

This tool helps you discover the reporters, columnists, writers, correspondents, journalists, and bloggers that have the power to promote you – or your clients – in local, national, and international press.

Media Lists

Our Media Lists tool is where you can bank and export the journalists most relevant to your project, campaign, or client, for future outreach.

Drawing on BuzzSumo’s database of 9 billion articles, and 300 trillion engagements – with millions more crawled every day – our Media Outreach tools give you the most up-to-date intel on your journalist’s content, and the greatest depth of coverage compared with other PR tools on the market.

What does that mean for you?

Your pitches will be more personalized, you’ll find better “ins” to a journalist’s world, and you’ll see a turning point in your pitching and coverage.

We show you what journalists create so that you can better connect.

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