There are several reasons why your content, or content from a specific site might not be appearing on BuzzSumo. We’d ask that before submitting a support request you ensure that your content doesn’t fall into one of the categories below.

Tip: If you're tracking the shares of your own content, we recommend you add it to a Project rather than searching in Most Shared.

Incorrect canonical URL

We use the canonical URL to attribute shares back to the correct article. If this is incorrect it can cause issues with the share count.

Simply right click on the page and select “view page source”.

Once in the page source you can search for the canonical URL. If the canonical URL is not the same as the article URL this can cause issues and the page not appear in our database. (please see example screenshot below of how the canonical URL should be set up):

Content has low share counts

If your content hasn’t been shared that much, then it’s unlikely we’ll display it in search results. BuzzSumo isn’t a general purpose search engine like Google. So we aren’t likely to include content that doesn’t get shared much.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s been shared less than 20 times on Facebook & Twitter combined, we probably won’t display it. You can use our Chrome Extension (download here) to perform a realtime check on the number of social shares of your recent content.

If you want to track the shares of specific URLs we recommend you upload them to a Project.

Content is behind a paywall

Our crawler is generally unable to access content that is behind a paywall. Some websites also occasionally block all crawlers meaning we cannot index their content.

Site has many duplicate titles

If your site has titles (e.g. HTML title tags: <title>Your Site</title>) that are identical, then we may automatically remove content that appears to be duplicate. It’s very important for SEO purposes as well that each page has a unique title, so if this is the case we recommend you fix it as soon as possible.

Bad social share tags implemented on site

If you have implemented social tags such as Facebook’s
OpenGraph og:url tag, then please ensure you have them set up correctly. We commonly see these implemented incorrectly. Please check your source code and ensure that each og:url tag point to the correct, canonical URL for each page. If it’s pointing to the wrong content, or the homepage only, then your site might not appear on BuzzSumo.

Content has recently moved to a new URL

If you’ve recently changed your site’s URL structure and have many old URLs that now redirect to a different version, then it might take us some time to update. Please allow 2-3 of months for all your content to appear in BuzzSumo again after updating URLs. As a general rule, URLs shouldn’t change often. If you’re a large publisher the please
notify us of any changes that affect many URLs.

Content has been considered to be gaming social shares or is spam.

It’s possible that your site has been filtered out because our system thinks it’s spam, or it’s been gaming shares. If you’ve been purchasing likes, tweets or any other form of social shares, then we’d strongly suggest you to stop this practice immediately as it may cause you to be banned from the social networks themselves as well.

If your content matches none of the reasons above, has definitely been shared and you believe it should be featured on BuzzSumo, then please
contact us.