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How To Improve Your Search Results In BuzzSumo
How To Improve Your Search Results In BuzzSumo
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If you’ve ever been met with a zero search result, or any non-relevant results in BuzzSumo, here are some tips to help you track down the data you want.

Search the Content Analyzer for keywords in headlines

BuzzSumo Content Analyzer is an index of 8 billion articles. Chances are, you’ll be able to find content relevant to your niche in there.

But one common mistake people make when searching the Content Analyzer is to treat it like Google.

While you can definitely search our database, the Content Analyzer only discovers your keywords if they appear in headlines or headlines shared via hashtags – not the entire content of the article.

Set up an Alert to search keywords in article text

If you want to scan the whole piece of content for your keywords or topics, you can do so by setting up an Alert.

This will instantly backfill with a month’s worth of content that features your keyword in the title, article, and hashtags – so long as you edit your alert after it’s created and set the search scope as “Title, Topic & Article Text”

Don’t forget to use filters

If you find yourself specifying a location in your Content Analyzer search, you can omit that keyword and just apply a location filter.

Similarly, if you are specifying content type in your keyword search, remove it and select one or more of our 12 content type filters.

Keep your searches broad

If you get too specific in your searches across the platform, you limit your ability to find content that might be phrased a little differently.

Keep your searches broad, and make the most of the suggested keyword lozenges beneath the search bar to expand your search – you can find these in the Keyword Tool, Content Analyzer, and Content Ideas Generator.

And don’t forget to check the Related Themes tab in the Question Analyzer for more topic ideas.

Avoid misspelling words

We do our best to decipher what our users are looking for, but misspellings might sometimes throw us off – for example:

“booming industries dubai” - 0 results

“booming industries dubai” - 5 results

If you have any other questions about improving your search results in BuzzSumo, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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