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What is an "Evergreen Score"?
What is an "Evergreen Score"?

Information on how BuzzSumo calculates the "evergreen" quality of content.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

The Evergreen Score is an internal ranking system developed by BuzzSumo. It measures the growth in engagements and links an article continues to receive after the first few days. It is first measured 30 days after the article is published. 

The more engagements and links an article receives over the course of the month, the higher the score.

Though it may not initially drive as many engagements as content that goes viral, evergreen content often maintains its relevance to an audience over a much longer period of time and is strongly correlated with a rise in the number of backlinks.

This could result in greater authority, higher search rankings, and decreased spend on content.

Evergreen content is an important part of any successful, effective content marketing strategy. Check out this recent post for some ideas!

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