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Why am I not getting any results in my Trending Feed?
Why am I not getting any results in my Trending Feed?

Trending feeds are designed to show you articles driving a lot of shares quickly.

Written by Evan Ahlers
Updated over a week ago

There are a few reasons why your custom feed may not be pulling in any results.

The article was published over 24 hours ago

Trending dashboards only look at articles that have been published within the past 24 hours. Once they pass this mark, they are automatically moved off the feeds.

The article isn't driving engagements fast enough

For an article to "trend" in BuzzSumo, it needs to be driving engagements quickly soon after publication - think breaking news, top stories, viral content, etc. An article may eventually gather a good number of engagements but if they happen over a drawn-out period, the article may never hit the Trending feeds.

The custom feed is too specific

Trending feeds are designed around topics and sources. If you've entered keywords that are too targeted or are limiting results to a handful of low-engagement sites, you may not see results. A few examples of good Trending feed setups are below:

  • Artificial intelligence - GOOD, Advantages of using artificial intelligence - TOO SPECIFIC

  • Climate change OR Sustainability - GOOD, Green technology firms in the US - TOO SPECIFIC

  • OR - GOOD, any small blog or infrequent publisher - TOO SPECIFIC

However - just because an article doesn't meet the criteria for Trending, doesn't mean it isn't in our database.

Try searching for your topic or website in the Web Content feature and filter by date - "24 Hours," "Past Week," or "Past Month."

Web Content will display the full list of articles in our database that have driven engagement over that time period, no matter the speed or volume at which the engagements happened.

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